I'm a Giphy man now 😎

There's nothing more satisfying than sending your own gifs in Teams at work

May 11, 2021📔 2 min readAuthor: Shaun

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I have an Artist account on Giphy!

That means that you can search for my gifs anywhere that uses Giphy as the gif source! That includes Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Twitter! 😁

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Here's what I did to get approved for my Artist account:

  1. I made some gifs! Giphy actually has a pretty good app for iOS. I converted one video of Kingston in it, but the rest I used HitFilm Express to make them and then converted them to gifs using ScreenToGif!
  2. I had to upload them to Giphy, and then apply for the account (you can do that here).
  3. ❌ My first attempt was rejected! I had to provide proof that I created the gifs.
  4. I sent through working screenshots of the gifs: so still images with timestamps, screenshots of Affinity Designer files, etc.
  5. A few hours later and I got the acceptance!

That's pretty much it! I'll keep adding more and we'll see how popular Kingi gets in a few weeks 😁

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