Making my first blog

Some thoughts on making my first blog

Apr 12, 2021📔 2 min readAuthor: Shaun

alt text

As you can see this site is pretty rudimentary at this stage. That's kind of the idea!

How many times have you started a project with simple requirements, and before you know it you're 28 tabs deep into StackOverflow debugging an obscure issue in a library you started using to make your words vibrate slightly, because it was absolutely a necessary feature? If you're anything like me, it's over 9000 times.

Well not this time! I decided to use my existing hosting with NameCheap, and just host static files. I did get a little bit fancy and use NextJs to generate the files, which happens when I push up my changes to GitHub, and an automated build pipeline runs the next build && next export commands for NextJS, and then it copies the files via FTP to the web server 😊

A huge shoutout to Ibrahima Ndaw for his tutorial on getting the initial NextJS skeleton up and running. I used a lot of what the tutorial described, but I added a few cool bits and pieces, like the breadcrumb you can see at the top of the page! I've pointed it out below with the code below that:

a screenshot of the breadcrumb URL at the top of the page

The code looks like this: a screenshot of the breadcrumb URL at the top of the page

So yeah in summary, I'm going to be posting more regularly on here from now on, and I'll be increasing the functionality of the site as we go because I'll need to add support for tagging at the very least for when I start posting more about other topics outside of tech! (Like sci-fi writing, comics etc)